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21 Day Smoothie Diet: Complete Plan, Recipes | Guide

21 Days Smoothie Diet Program

Drew Sgoutas, a health coach, created the 21 Day Smoothie Diet to help people lose weight quickly by replacing meals with smoothies. Smoothies are excellent for leading a healthy lifestyle, in my opinion. I don’t consider myself on a smoothie diet; rather, I consider myself a smoothie convert.

If this is the case, how do you feel now that you’ve read it? Every time we talk about dieting, our inner thoughts like restriction and discipline come to the fore.

In fact, sticking to the 21 Day Smoothie Diet isn’t that difficult. If you approach it as a way of life, you’ll be able to continue with it no matter how hectic your schedule is. It’s a common misperception that a smoothie-only diet restricts you to simply drinking smoothies. Smoothie diets offer different methods for losing weight. The health coach Drew’s 21 Day Smoothie Diet will help you lose weight by consuming green smoothies.

21 Days Smoothie Diet: Complete Plan, Recipes | Guide

Smoothie Diet Program Pros & Cons


 You get a simple eating plan and smoothie recipes.

  • You can get in touch with Drew, your personal health coach, at any point during the programme.
  • Less expensive compared to any diet programme.
  • If the product isn’t what you expected, you can get your money back.
  • When you make a purchase, you receive additional rewards.


  • If you’d rather have a physical copy of the diet plan than the computer one, you’ll have to print it.
  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone is required to follow the smoothie diet plan. Quick Summary of the Smoothie Diet

The 21 Day Smoothie Diet is a well-balanced eating plan that incorporates juicing as well as other components of healthy living. A personal nutritionist in software form, this program educates you on the importance of good nutrition for weight loss as well as how to eat healthfully. With daily journaling, recipe, and fitness plan tasks, you’ll put your newfound knowledge to the test.

But don’t just believe what I say. Instead, have a look at it for yourself. Before you begin the program, set your expectations.

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Main Guide of Smoothie Diet Plan

1 Fat Burning 101

  • A Glimpse of the United States’ Health Crisis
  • The Obesity Pandemic’s Primary Causes
  • Portions That Are Extra-Large
  • The American Standard Diet
  • You Are Not the One Who Fails Your Diets; Your Diets Fail You
  • Is Dietary Fat a Friend or an Enemy?
  • Additional Smoothie-Based Diets
  • Plant Energy
  • A Guide to Superfoods
  • This Recipe in Comparison to Other Diets
  • Program Outlines

2 Don’t Forget: Maintain Daily Physical Activity Smoothie Basics

  • How to Choose a Blender
  • Where to Buy Your Blender
  • Choosing The Best Vegetables and Fruits
  • Storing Fruits and Vegetables
  • Smoothie Making Tips and Tricks
  • Making Smoothies
  • Storing Smoothies
  • What If I Can’t Find The Ingredients?
  • Some Side Effects You May or May Not Experience

3 What To Eat

  • Solid Food Meal Recommendations
  • Foods You Can Have
  • Foods You Cannot Have (Except on Cheat Day)
  • Example Meals
  • Healthy Snacks
  • The Cheat Day

4 The Main Program

  • 1st Week: The Smoothie Revolution
  • 2nd Week: Feel The Green
  • 3rd Week: Introducing Metabolic Boosters
  • 4th Week: Unleashing the Healing Power of Smoothies
  • 5th Week: And Beyond
21 Days Smoothie Diet: Complete Plan, Recipes | Guide

21 Day Smoothie Diet Recipes & Further Plan

Smoothie Schedule

  1. 5 Week Program for 7 Days a Week (Sunday’s a cheat day)

Shopping Lists

  1. How to Navigate a Grocery Store
  2. Shopping Lists for Each Week of the Program

Recipe Cards

  1. Printable Recipe Cards for each Recipe of this 21 Day Smoothie Diet Plan

Daily Journal

  1. Journal for Each Week
  2. Mood, Energy, Digestion, Cravings Tracker
  3. Mind, Exercise Tracker

Healthy Eating Guide

  • 1st Chapter: Introduction
  • 2nd Chapter: Healthy Eating Basics
  • 3rd Chapter: Healthy Eating Tips + 7 Meal Plans

Workout Plan

  1. Fast Fat Blasting Workouts for Busy People
  2. Introduction
  3. Beginner Workouts
  4. Intermediate Workouts
  5. Advanced Workouts

Diabetes-Friendly Smoothies

  1. 42 Diabetes-Friendly Smoothies

Gluten-Free Smoothies

  1. 42 Gluten-Free Smoothies
21 Days Smoothie Diet: Complete Plan, Recipes | Guide

Smoothies Diet for Kids

  1. Introduction
  2. Eating Healthy Early in Life
  3. The Power Lies in You
  4. Breakfast Skipping – An Absolute No-No
  5. Smoothies are a great way to get more nutrition into your child’s diet.
  6. A More Effective Way to Classifying Foods
  7. Conclusion
  8. 5 Fruit Smoothies
  9. 5 Green Smoothies

21 Days Smoothie Diet Program

The 21 Days Smoothie Diet Program is a revolutionary new diet plan that will help you lose weight fast. With the help of this program, you’ll be able to drop pounds daily without feeling hungry or deprived! You can finally get rid of your belly fat and love handles in just 3 weeks with the 21-day smoothie diet plan.

This is how it works: simply replace two meals each day with delicious green smoothies for three weeks straight. The healthy ingredients in these smoothies are designed to melt away unwanted pounds while still providing all essential nutrients your body needs every day. You’ll also avoid potentially harmful fad diets and instead focus on eating fresh, natural foods that actually satisfy cravings so you feel full longer throughout the day.


After reading this 21 Day Smoothie Diet Program you would be able to lose weight easily. This plan is the perfect Smoothie diet plan as well as a normal routine diet in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

However, this diet program is easy to follow and you can get better results in just 21 days. So, we recommend you to plz try this once we assure you that you shall never regret it. it is one of the best selling hot products these in the market of fitness and weight loss. thanks for paying attention and visiting us. you can also check our other weight loss recipes like Green Detox Smoothie.

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