All GTA Games In Order of Release | Latest 2022

All GTA Games In Order of Release Complete Walkthrough

Grand Thief Auto franchise has given multiple series of video games for around 21 years that gamers can enjoy. A journey that started in 1998, now has millions of followers. And is introduced as the most active game among others. Let’s have a look at GTA Games in order.

All GTA Games In Order of Release | Latest 2022

Grand Thief Auto

The game was released in 1997 and was available for MS-DOS, PC, and PlayStation. Top-down action adventurous game set in Liberty City, Vice City, and US cities of San Andreas. The Storyline follows the character with multiple missions assigned by Syndicate.

You are free to interact with the open world. Later, in 1998 GBC and PS1 ports were released for PC. Players can also get some lifesaver points after completing the assigned mission. Some hidden and unlock properties also become available for the player with progress in gaming levels. The introduction of free roams chaos, gang violence, and multi-radio station makes the player stuck throughout the series.

Grand Thief Auto II

The game was created in Oct 1999 and set in Vice City. They introduced a major factor of dynamic gang warfare in this series. The game follows the story of Claude’s speed. He proceeds through the game and gets the ability to roam over the three districts of vice city.

Period and setting both are unique aspects as both are vague. The player needs to be very careful while working with the gang. Moreover, he can make missions with more than a gang. The dynamic setting provides video interaction within an open world provides the environment. Some additional side gigs and gaming day and night mode also become available during the gameplay.

Grand thief Auto III

Developed with some advanced features, GTA III was developed in 2001 for PC, Xbox, Mobile, and PS2 platforms. Revenge-based Game with 3D graphics and amazing visual effects sharply focuses on the storyline. However, the news comes before the release of The player can control the voiceless protagonist while completing a mission for Liberty city.

3D era makes the city events actions more realistic. Claude works as a mute player with multiple gangs to take revenge on his girlfriend who shot him after the robbery. The player can roam all over liberty city and complete his mission to make progress in the campaign. Computerized city maps are new by the company to make the gameplay more attractive.

All GTA Games In Order of Release | Latest 2022

Grand Thief Auto: Vice City

Following the GTA Games in order of release, this game keeps the rank 4th. Vice city introduced the voiced protagonist for the very first time. The game follows a character, named Tommy Vercetti who worked as an ex-con to take revenge against his enemies.

He also builds a criminal empire in a neon-saturated setting. Some latest weapons and visual animation are part of this series. An amazing and perfect backdrop atmosphere provides essential guidelines to track stolen cocaine. Vice city continued its franchise legacy by solidifying and building Grand Thief in pop culture. The game also employed some well-known Hollywood voice artists for the character.

Grand Thief Auto: San Andreas

The game takes place in the fictional states of Los Santos, Las Venturas, and San Fierro. This campaign follows the story of a former gangbanger named CL Johnson, who start an investigation for his mother’s murder.

San Andreas is one of the most influential and redefined action video games in the market. Advanced technical developments allow the player to explore all the states without any interruption. New RPG options, mini-games, and immersive gang wars are some additional elements. Players are free to change physical appearance, moreover, you can also improve and upgrade skills for effective gameplay. Players can also customize their vehicles according to their needs. This series is worth playing.


The Grand Thief Auto series has become most adventurous and successful all the time. No other series can provide that extreme level of storytelling about street crime and violence. This is it all GTA Games in order of their release date. Those who want to use flamethrowers and explore bad world morality must give it a try.

A Grand Theft Auto game is a video game that allows the player to take on the role of a criminal as they go about their life. Players can steal cars, rob banks, and generally do whatever they want in order to achieve one goal to become the most wanted man alive. It’s no surprise that these games are becoming more popular with gamers. The first GTA game was released back in 1997 by DMA Design (now Rockstar North), an Edinburgh-based company that has had several successful titles since then including Bully, Manhunt, and Red Dead Redemption.

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