Top 5 Best International Business Money Transfer Companies

If your business receives or makes payments abroad, you can benefit from the services of an international business money transfer company. By using an international money transfer company, you can streamline your payments, integrate with your accounting system in some cases, manage risks, and reduce remittance costs. Below we’ve explored what the top money transfer service providers can do for international business.

Top 5 Best International Business Money Transfer Companies

1. TorFX

Top 5 Best International Business Money Transfer Companies

Some of the features and benefits of TorFX’s international money transfers.

  • Suitable for import and export payments
  • It can also be used to pay foreign salaries and repatriate profits
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • There are no transfer fees
  • Provides 24/7 transfers of up to £100,000
  • Quick conversions
  • Provides expert insight and risk management guidance
  • Safe and secure service
  • Selection of available contracts
  • Provides a dedicated account manager

TorFX offers arranging money trading services that include money transfer for international business. Their business money transfer service is suitable for companies that need to make import and export payments, manage foreign payroll and repatriate foreign profits.

TorFX helps companies weather currency fluctuations so that you can keep more of your money when making transfers. They offer a choice of contracts including a spot contract that allows instant transfers at the best current exchange rate or a forward contract that allows you to fix your rates for up to two years. They also offer 24/7 transfers where you can transfer up to £100,000.

TorFX website

2. Currencies Direct

Top 5 Best International Business Money Transfer Companies

Some of the features and benefits of money transfer for international business at Currencies Direct.

  • Offers customized international payments
  • It allows you to control your foreign exchange costs
  • Fast and secure service
  • Reliable service
  • Meets the needs of online sellers
  • Offers risk management solutions
  • Receive and keep money in multiple currencies
  • Pay in more than 120 currencies
  • Integration with your accounting system
  • It provides a specialized team

Currencies Direct offers a range of business services that include international payments, risk management and online seller support. They provide businesses with a tailored service for making and receiving international payments allowing you to better control your foreign exchange costs.

Currencies Direct offers businesses fast and secure international money transfer, a reliable service. It allows businesses to receive and hold funds in multiple currencies and enables you to make payments in more than 120 currencies. Their service allows you to manage multiple payments simply as you can either upload files or integrate it with your accounting system to make payments.

Currency Direct Site

3. XE

Top 5 Best International Business Money Transfer Companies

Some of the features and benefits of XE’s international business money transfers.

  • Offers a free business bank account that allows international money transfers
  • Internet service
  • Safe and reliable service
  • Provides currency risk management solutions
  • Access to foreign exchange professionals
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Instant transfers
  • market orders
  • Futures
  • Offers a range of tools and market insights

XE is a payment provider that offers a range of services including merchant bank accounts, money transfers for international business and risk management. They offer free business bank accounts that allow you to make international money transfers through their online payment service.

XE offers three types of services or contracts which are Instant Transfer which allows instant and fast transfers using current exchange rates, Market Orders which have flexible conversion time to allow you to make payments automatically when rates are at their best, and Forward Contracts to allow you to fix your exchange rates at within a period of three years.

4. Global Reach

Top 5 Best International Business Money Transfer Companies

Some of the features and benefits of Global Reach’s international business money transfers.

  • Provides specialized international money transfers
  • Suitable for companies from SMBs to FTSE 100 companies
  • It will help you reduce your exposure
  • Create currency hedging solutions
  • Reduce the costs of dealing with multiple currencies
  • Access to their experienced teams
  • Simplify global supplier payments
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Reduce your exposure to volatile markets
  • Helping you develop proactive strategies

Global Reach is a specialized foreign exchange company that provides services to corporations, institutions and individuals. They cater to small and medium businesses through FTSE 100 companies and help them limit their exposure and develop currency hedging solutions to reduce their costs in dealing with multiple currencies.

Global Reach designed their service to help companies streamline global supplier payments and access competitive exchange rates. It will give you access to teams of experienced experts who will support you in preparing the best solution for your business and reduce your exposure to the volatile currency exchange markets.

Global Reach website

5. moneycorp

Top 5 Best International Business Money Transfer Companies

Some of the features and benefits of money transfer for moneycorp’s international business.

  • Offers a global payment platform
  • Transfers to 190 countries are allowed
  • Access to more than 120 currencies
  • Make single or bulk payments
  • Helps simplify payments
  • Payments automation
  • Offers API integration
  • It has 17 offices around the world
  • 24/7 access through self-service
  • Provides flexible reports

Moneycorp offers advanced payment solutions through its global payment platform. They provide a platform that enables businesses to make single or bulk payments in a variety of sizes. Transfers can be made to 190 countries in more than 120 currencies.

Moneycorp offers three levels of services which are simple, complex, and high-tech. Simple offers a free account that allows you to make low-volume payments 24/7 through our online self-service platform. The aggregator offers group payments that can be made online or over the phone and offers flexible reporting and a flexible file format. High-Tech offers high-volume payments with API access, multi-level accounts, and multiple currencies.

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