Crypto & AI Jobs: The Top Cities & Industries For Opportunities

The boom in the crypto job market has created roles rooted in a variety of niche skill sets, with technical skills being essential to a career in cryptocurrency. Many job listings also require hard skills, such as Java, Machine Learning, Python, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Artificial intelligence is also a great sector to move into, as it is central to the ongoing technological revolution. This field has an excellent career outlook, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting a 31.4% increase in jobs for data scientists and mathematical science professionals by 2030.

With the demand for individuals with skills in the fields of AI and cryptocurrency on the rise, here at Small Business Price we decided to dig in depth into which countries Statista ranked as the most advanced when it comes to cryptocurrency and AI jobs.

The country with the most cryptocurrency jobs by USA

1. United States

The United States leads the way with a total of 3,893 job vacancies advertised in the cryptocurrency space. A recent analysis by Monster supports these findings and concluded that the cryptocurrency job market is on the rise in the United States.

Using data provided by the TalentNeuron tool and using insights from technology company CEB, they found those job listings that mentioned the keywords “cryptocurrency,” “bitcoin,” or “blockchain” rose 194% year over year from 2018 to 2017.

Our research shows that the top three cities in the US for crypto jobs are New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. In addition, the top industries in the United States for cryptocurrency jobs are the internet, technology, banking and financial services, computer software, hardware, accounting, and legal and private security.

2. United Kingdom

Furthermore, the UK has a total of 954 cryptocurrency jobs. The top three cities for crypto jobs in the UK are London, Cambridge, and Greenford. (Greenford is listed as a separate location from London because jobs are advertised there).

We found that the top industries in the UK for cryptocurrency jobs are internet and technology, banking and financial services, computer software and hardware, IT, media, and publishing.

3. Canada

Canada ranks third in terms of the number of cryptocurrency jobs, with a total of 386 jobs. The top three cities in Canada for crypto jobs are Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

The top industries in Canada for cryptocurrency jobs are internet and technology, banking and financial services, computer hardware and software, information technology and energy and utilities.

4. Australia

In addition, among the top leaders in the cryptocurrency space is Australia, which has a total of 236 cryptocurrency jobs. The three largest cities in Australia in terms of crypto jobs are Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

The data revealed that the top industries in Australia for crypto jobs are internet and technology, banking and finance, computers and software, accounting and finance and consultancy.

5. South Africa

South Africa ranks fifth in terms of the number of jobs available working in the cryptocurrency space, with 36 jobs. The three largest cities in South Africa in terms of crypto jobs are Cape Town, Johannesburg and Centurion.

Finally, we have found that the top industries for cryptocurrency jobs in South Africa are the internet, technology, consulting, private security, and IT.

Ranking: The top sectors to secure an AI role in the UK

1Information Technology257
3Business Services91
5Biotech & Pharmaceutical36

The five most common job industries in artificial intelligence are engineering, research and science, information technology, and business and consulting.

With the recent boom in the cryptocurrency and AI job market, it can be concluded that the demand for talent will continue to increase.

Our findings clearly reveal that the United States leads the way in terms of cryptocurrency and AI job opportunities. Exploring the numbers, compared to other countries, the United States has a lot more jobs available in these regions than, for example, the United Kingdom or Canada.

Our data also shows that although it is predictable, in almost all countries the top industry for both coding and AI jobs is technology.

Finally, we also discovered that in the UK in particular, engineering is the industry that offers the most opportunities for those who want to work in Cryptocurrency.


We explored the top five most developed countries of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and South Africa for jobs in cryptocurrency. Using the Glassdoor job listings, we looked at the best cities and industries for coding jobs in each of these countries and iterated the process for jobs in the AI field.

The glassdoor website was analyzed on March 10th, 2022 and job numbers advertised are correct as of this date.

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