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The Best Demon’s Souls Weapons Guide | Tips & Tricks

Demon’s Souls Weapons Guide

Demon’s Souls Weapons Guide: Weapons in the game of Demon’s Souls can be broadly classified into two categories: blunt and edged. Blunt weapons include hammers, maces, and clubs. Edged weapons include swords, spears, and daggers. Each type of weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses. Which you should take into account when choosing your equipment. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at each type of weapon and discuss the best ways to use them in battle.

Weapons in Demon’s Souls are the bread and butter of your character. They range from swords and axes to bows, spears, and more. Each weapon has unique properties that make it ideal for different situations. Knowing what each weapon does and how best to use them is key to success in the game. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular weapons in Demon’s Souls and explore what makes them so great. So, if you’re looking for a little edge on your competition, read on.

The Best Demon's Souls Weapons Guide | Tips & Tricks

Lets Start Demon’s Souls Weapons Guide

Northern Regalia

This elegant weapon is actually two swords in one, with Soulbrandt and Demon-Brando. The first of these was wielded by the game’s primary antagonist King Allant. This is also one of the best Demon’s Souls Weapons. While it bears his name as well. He did not use its power until after becoming infected by some sort of plague that transformed him into Ashen One or “Ash Hollows”.

This second blade may have been sealed away deep within Old King Dohan for good reason. It holds a long history of the full-blooded warrior who has Killed many foes already.

This weapon is so powerful, that it scales with your character’s tendency. If they have pledged to be on the side of good or evil throughout their journey in Demon’s Souls. If and reached the max level for that alignment choice then this blade will attain an Attack Rating of 540. Which would put most other weapons from a game like Demons’ souls at shame.

Morion Blade

The Morion Blade is a two-handed greatsword that requires the soul of a powerful storm king or dragon. It has 210 base attacks and can deal tremendous damage despite not being able to accept buffs. But its greatest asset might just be how beautiful this majestic-looking weapon really looks in-game.

The Morion Blade is a strong weapon when wielded by players who are at less than 30% of their maximum health. The assailant’s damage output increases to 60%. And they have an advantage in combat provided that the swordsman can manage his or her own well-being with care. Though this sleek sword has some not-so-user-friendly mechanics, veterans from previous games should get plenty of use out of it as well.

Blueblood Sword

When Blacksmith Ed has a Pureblood Demon’s Soul and Broken Sword at his disposal. He can create an unusual weapon that is reminiscent of fans of the Dark Souls series: The Blue Blood Sword. This blade deals equal parts physical and magic damage but uniquely scales its potency with your luck stat.

With a higher durability rating than most other swords, this weapon is one of the long-lasting pieces of equipment in-game. In addition, it features good stats for an experienced player and can be obtained at lower levels making it very useful when you first start playing through New Game+. This is also one of the best Demon’s Souls Weapons.

Magic Sword “Makoto”

A staple of games in the Dark Souls series is high-tier weapons that, when equipped, drain your health for higher damage output. The Mortal Blade from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Chikage is two examples among many others. Bloodborne’s best trick weapon also falls into this category as does Godspeed blade with its 1% per second consumption rate. Until it can no longer be drawn (although these consumables do come at a cost). Rings or spells will grant buffs that offset some if not all harmful effects incurred by using such weaponry so long as they’re available.

Though there are other katanas in the game that don’t sap player vitality, these blades pale compared to Makoto’s potential for damage. Aside from its basic output of force and status effects like Bleeding which deals 10 points per second alone. It easily ranks among one-off games’ best available weapons with the Demon Souls remake.

The story goes to The Last Guardian is finally released after being delayed several times due to it requiring more time than originally planned before completion. Something about having three different playable characters now instead of just two was not enough? What do they think we’re playing this thing on PS2 slim?? Anyway. I digress as you can see I am quiet.

Large Sword Of Moonlight

The Large Sword of Moonlight, a favorite weapon from each game in the Dark Souls series is back and just as powerful. This slow but versatile blade deals magical or physical damage to its targets. Making it one of the most useful weapons for any player who wants some variety during combat. This is also one of the best Demon’s Souls Weapons.

This small, glowing sword has been reported for its ability to ignore all shield defenses. And cleave through an enemy’s health like a hot knife cutting butter. This power comes from the fact that this weapon only consists of enchanted light making it extraordinarily durable with a 900 durability rating enough. So, players don’t need repair often while still blocking most incoming magic damage.

This glowing sword has a high durability rating of 900 and can block all incoming damage. The Large Sword of Moonlight’s blade is made entirely out of light, which makes this weapon very powerful. It also ignores shields completely due to its ability in doing so with little effect on defense capabilities while maintaining an excellent offensive capability thanks to their magical abilities as well.

The Best Demon's Souls Weapons Guide | Tips & Tricks

Great Axe

The Great Axe may not be as flashy or memorable of an axe, but it’s one tough for players to ignore. This weapon packs quite a punch with light stamina depletion. And low risk in terms of attacks due to its simple design that can fool even veteran warriors into thinking they’re dealing no harm. When upgraded correctly though? The Gaean Battle Axe will severely degrade an opponent on contact thanks to incredible damage output potential coupled with little effort needed when swinging.

For players new to Demon’s Souls or the larger Souls series, an essential component of success in the early stages is having access and use for one type of weapon. As this game progresses with better gear available it can scale well by upgrading your character’s abilities as you progress through levels. The Great Axe holds that value throughout playtime allowing them versatility when facing off against any enemy they may come across no matter where their journey leads”.


Demon’s Souls Weapons: Demon’s Souls is a game that takes the standard RPG and flips it on its head. Requiring players to think outside of their comfort zones in order to survive. It has been called one of the best games ever made by many critics for this very reason.

Demons’ Souls weapons are another key component of what makes these games so unique among other RPGs, as they offer different abilities depending on which weapon you choose. In fact, there are over 500 different types. The amount of variability allows all gamers out there to find something that suits them perfectly. With such variety available at your fingertips, if you haven’t played already then now is the time.

This game has been eagerly awaited by fans and critics alike. Because it promises a fresh take on the RPG genre with new gameplay mechanics like permadeath (if you die, your character dies). If you are looking for something different from Skyrim or World of Warcraft but still have plenty of loot-gathering in mind. Then look no further than Demon’s Souls.

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