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How to Level Up Fast in Fortnite Complete Guide | 2022

How To Level up Fast in Fortnite

Leveling up a battle pass in Fortnite hosts new skins, brand new Carnage along so many fantastic unlocked cosmetics. Fortnite has brought back some punch cards for the players, they can receive these items by talking with different Ais Apollo Island. Each resident contains their punch cards.

They offer different missions to earn XP after completing them. There are a total of 5 missions and 15 AIs to get a gold bar and earn XP. Players are granted a battle pass so that they can have access to Fortnite’s Carnage skin. These punching cards are limited for every week; however, XP can be earned by playing Battle royal. If you want to get progress effectively through battle passes, players must have access to reward items during each course of the season. 

Fortnite series introduces fresh sets of quests so that players can level up fast. Players can earn almost 30000 XP per quest. Weekly premium quests provide 420000 XP on daily basis. These key points are enough to boost the rank of the series. Players are also providing some walkthrough guidelines during each quest. You are allowed to adopt some other methods and key points to get the maximum possible XP to level up through battle pass fast.

How to Level Up Fast in Fortnite Complete Guide | 2022

Here are some ways to level up fast in Fortnite:

Complete the Daily Quests

Players will find three daily quests at the bottom with a short countdown timer. Usually, they contain simple tasks such as searching chests, catching fish, and harvesting different materials. Fighters will get 17000 XP after completing each mission, also offers other helpful streams to level up fast in Fortnite.

The quests list contains some party Assistants so that you can turn on team mode. Your whole squad can contribute to hitting the target. You are free to switch into team mode even if you don’t have any squad to gang up against the target. Team Rumble provides you the advantage to get progress offered by other familiar gangs.

Complete Weekly Punch Cards

Punch cards are the best option to get a head start on battle passes. Along with weekly punch cards, Fortnite has also featured some specified characters, players can choose any of them and dive into them. All characters are centered around the Notable NPCs. Fortnite map guide you to start these punch cards. After getting an effective san start-up, players have enough experience to tackle all the quests successfully.

Use Party Assist

One of the most useful and effective features in Fortnite is Party Assist Fortnite. They become very helpful while tacking with multiple tiers of punch cards. Legendary quests take almost a quarter of the time to land 25 headshots if the entire squad aimed for it at once. 

Get a Victory Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale Mode is the easiest way to earn XP during each gameplay. In the beginning, players are awarded a small XP on every elimination. After that, you can gradually progress for more XP. Your surrounded area and allotted location also provide you a definite amount of XP to level up fast in Battle pass. Highest ranked XP score covert Victory Royale up to almost 300 XP. 

Fortnite 8 switched up into the easy ways to earn XP. Players can level up fast and reach 100 tiers within very a short time. Level 100 is more enticing for Battle Pass owners; they can strive to climb back up to 100 level very quickly. It takes almost 10 hours to gain loads of XP in Impostors mode. Impostor mode provides the fastest ways to level up in the game and offers a great amount of XP for performing the best actions.

How to Level Up Fast in Fortnite Complete Guide | 2022


We have provided some handy guidelines to get quick points on How to Level up Fast in Fortnite. They help to increase the chances of getting Victory Royals. Fortnite offers the best ways, best landing spots, and new weapons to level up fast as possible you can.

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