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Resident Evil 2 Characters List with Tips & Tricks

Resident Evil 2 Characters

Resident Evil 2 Characters are amazing as it is a survival horror game. It was published by Capcom. In 2019, the original version was released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. You have to control rookie police officers. Their mission is to escape Raccoon City during a viral outbreak due to which citizens are becoming zombies. Therefore, the game has set a high rank as sold millions of copies overnight. The third-person game provides the players with multiple options for movement and a wide range of weapons.

They can customize their weapons to enhance their fighting ability. Grenades and other equipment are also provided to attack zombies. Players can encounter Tyrants to survive. You can only evade Tyrant as he constantly searches out the station except for safe rooms. Zombies also try to attack the state. Therefore, station windows were boarded up beforehand. However, items provide clues to get access to certain areas. They can pick up various objects that can help them to escape and survive. The game offers more than 170 characters.

Resident Evil 2 Characters List with Tips & Tricks

Best Characters of Resident Evil 2


He is an idealistic and intelligent rookie cop. Leon protects and helps the needy with all kinds of services. Players explore life as cadets and get eye-opening experiences. Leon becomes demeanor rather than native while brash and reckless. You can switch him for a new job with Raccoon Police.

William Birkin

William is one of the best-qualified researchers in Resident Evil 2 Characters. Who has a passion for his work? He started his research from the thesis of James Marcus along with his fellow researcher Albert Wesker. They went to the Spencer Laboratory to test for T-virus. He also discovered G-virus at Arklay. After that, they quickly requested a laboratory to build underneath Raccoon city so that they can continue their research over there.  

Claire Redfield

Claire is an articulate modern woman. She came to Raccoon to get the answer to what happened to her brother. She is the first person who put aside a quest to focus on her survival, she escapes out of Raccoon city alive. Players can explore her self-confidence and extroverted nature during multiple campaigns. 

Sherry Birkin

Sherry is a lonely and insecure little girl who is only 12 years old. She is very shy and quite mature for her age. Her fear of losing in the city makes him stressed. Hence, her parents remain busy with their work, and due to a lack of their attention, she lacks self-confidence and hope.

Brian Irons

Brian Irons is the chief of the Raccoon Police department. When he was escaping from the city, his encounter takes place in fighting against the enemies. But his behavior appears more stressful during meetings. 


Hunk is a soldier with the nickname “Mr. Death”, who works for an umbrella. Normally, when he turns back from his mission as the sole survivor. He manages to evade death. Hunk has been sent into dangerous situations to perform clean-up, and retrieve important packages and information. About of his majors where he was sent to Raccoon City to collect a sample of G-virus from William Birkin’s laboratory.

Resident Evil 2 Characters List with Tips & Tricks

Lieutenant Marvin

He was one of the last from the police department, that Leon sees. When Marvin arrives in Raccoon City. He has given pep talks to Leon to get through the disasters of the Raccoon world. 

Some ghost survival characters have died in Resident Evil 2. Katherine Warren and Robert Kendo are two major characters during each campaign. Katherine was the daughter of the city’s major. She was killed by the Raccoon police chief. Moreover, Kendo Gun Shop is a weapon specialist. However, he supplies various weapons with custom models to city stars. 


Players can explore plenty of Resident Evil 2 Characters during each gameplay. Guidelines are also provided about this amazing thrilling game. Players are free to customize their ability to improve their performance. If you are looking for an adventurous series purely based on the thrill. The above-mentioned game will become worth playing.

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