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Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Complete guide Tips to Survive

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough

Resident Evil 7 walkthrough is a first-person survival video game, first developed by Capcom in 2017. The first installments of the games were diverging more to action, but later resident evil 5 and resident 6, turn their franchises into survival horror roots. The series follows the story of a character, named Ethan Winters who has aimed to for his long-missing wife on a plantation occupied by an infected family, fighting with enemies and solving puzzles.

This is a full-length game, use Capcom’s RE Engine. In 2012, Koshi Nakanishi made some advanced developments to Nintendo 3DS. The series highly focuses on exploration and horror over action. Resident Evil 7 walkthrough guides you about how to defeat an enemy, where to go to get weapons, and key points. Players have to follow long campaigns, as they organize this series based on geographical locations.

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Complete guide Tips to Survive

These cutscenes help to divide the gameplay into sections. You can easily find a path from the first boss fight battle. In addition, you can also find some bonus objectives, keys, and collectible files in your Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough. The short demo elaborates exploratory elements of the final game along with several mysteries. In the beginning, you will reach a run-down house to explore the guest house. You came to know about the ways to navigate guesthouses and get bolt cutters. 

How to Get all Collectibles?

You will also find plenty of hidden objects, the main ones to seek out are Antique coins. Players can spend these coins to get essential upgrades throughout the gameplay. A scattered house with nowhere bobblehead statues grants you quite a useful and show-off able trophy. All the locked hidden keys can be unlocked and upgraded with these coins.

Players will also find multiple broken weapons during their investigation, use your repairs kit to make them available for the battle. You have followed extreme caution while proceeding toward the dangerous areas. Players can creep out unaware safe door rooms, which will shut automatically, and seems to instantly despawn giant boss monster.

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Combat Tips & Tricks

Combat is reasonably predictable aims that you can put down as faster as you can, and flail around the torso. Try to use the left bumper to guard if they get in slugging range. This benefits you to take less amount of damage.

  • Players can arm themselves with a variety of weapons like chainsaws, explosives, shotguns, flamethrowers, and handguns. 
  • A grid system is used with an initial power ability of 12 slots but they may be expanded several times across the game.
  • Objects and items can occupy up to two spaces or D-pad. Items boxes are provided to save and manage items.
  • You can enhance the capacity of inventory objects by their combined effect.
  • The game’s progress can be saved manually by tape recorders.
Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough: Complete guide Tips to Survive

Moreover, the dispersed videotapes are used to find perspectives of multiple characters and to plot revealing information. PlayStation VR headset is the only platform where you can play PlayStation 4 on a virtual reality basis. The main purpose to introduce VR is to get more texture detail after discarding flat and inaccurate objects.

Mia attacks Ethen with chainsaws, seemingly dead he defends jack and attacks continuing to display his regenerate powerful abilities. However, players also come across slugged mutated creatures known as molded. Resident series are the best horror games available on Xbox One, PC, and PS4. However, Resident Evil 7 walkthrough is a first-person survival video game.


Resident Evil 7 Biohazard walkthrough is one of the most demanding and popular survival horror series. Players can explore easily driven mode meanders through the real world to find some secrets.

Therefore, we have provided the related guidelines about this amazing thrilling game, multiplayer mode becomes available as they passed out their campaigns and get progress in the game. Resident Evil 7 Madhouse walkthrough is a first-person survival video game. If you are looking for an adventurous series purely based on thrill, the above-mentioned game will become worth playing.

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