Resident Evil Village Bosses Tips & Tricks to Beat Them

Resident Evil Village All Bosses

Looking for a Resident Evil Village Bosses guide? You’ll run into a slew of tough opponents as you explore the hamlet, and they won’t take no for an answer. You’ll need a well-thought-out plan to defeat these tenacious bosses. From vicious vampires to huge amphibious creatures to giant werewolves with massive hammers, the game’s bosses have it all. Fortunately, we’re here to help. This guide contains big Resident Evil Village spoilers, as you would have anticipated.

Resident Evil Village Bosses Tips & Tricks to Beat Them

The Resident Evil Village bosses in order are:

  • Bela, Daniela, and Cassandra
  • Lady Dimitrescu
  • Donna Beneviento
  • Moreau
  • Uriaș
  • Heisenberg
  • Uriaș Strӑjer
  • Mother Miranda

The three daughters of Lady Dimitrescu may look impregnable at first, but exposing them to cold air will destroy them. Bela challenges Ethan to a duel after we explore the Castle’s lowest floors. As soon as Bela attacks, shoot on the other window to expose her from all sides.

Then just blast her till she crumbles to dust. Daniela is hiding behind Lady Dimitrescu’s Iron Insignia-locked bedroom door. To make the room cooler, open the roof window with the posts. As soon as Daniela feels the chill, launch a nuclear attack. Cassandra has reached the Mask of Pleasure’s room. Before you begin, prepare a pipe bomb and ammo. After the fight, move the bookcase to see the wall’s crack. Toss the pipe bomb against Cassandra’s wall. Then shoot her one by one.

Resident Evil Village Bosses in Order

Donna Beneviento’s fight is more like a game of “Hide and Seek” than a boss fight. Donna Beneviento has become Angie, a scary talking doll. Find Angie three times as she merges in with the other Beneviento dolls.

When the combat starts, walk to the first left door, up the stairs, and into the chamber on the right. Angie is leaning on the end of the room’s chest of drawers. Return to the starting room, enter the linked room, and find Angie on the left side of the sofa. Finally, exit the room and follow the bloodstains to Angie on a rug. Recollect Angie before departing House Benevento.

Keep a lookout for ammo barrels in Moreau’s arena. Your instincts are to attack Moreau as Mutated Dimitrescu did. Use pipe bombs and ground mines to stop Moreau.

Explore the explosive barrels around the arena anytime Moreau approaches. The area’s layout must be memorized before Moreau’s acid raid attack. However, Moreau may use this ability again before dying. Go to a covered building to avoid injury. Slime barriers will block your path. Shoot them or slash them. Assassinate Moreau till he crystallizes and burns.

Resident Evil Village Tips and Tricks

You’ll be out of weapons by the time you reach Uriaş. Expect a tense confrontation. Ammo is discovered near the lamps and returned when Uriaş returns on his horse to the middle platform. Circular strafe Uriaş to a vacant area. Keep behind the pillar and Uriaş cannot hurt you. Uriaş will then leap to the middle platform and summon Lycans. If you still have land mines, go and get additional ammo or reload your firearms. Once you master the circular strafe approach, you should have plenty of time to repeatedly hit Urias.

Resident Evil Village Bosses Tips & Tricks to Beat Them

The game’s greatest boss, a Mutated Heisenberg, awaits us, but Chris Redfield and his little tank have prepared us. Stop the mutant Heisenberg from assaulting you by shooting his brilliant red spots. If you can’t reach his weak points in time, block his saws. You may also use your cannon to launch Heisenberg across the battlefield.

Avoid getting too near to Heisenberg. After enough damage to your tiny tank, Heisenberg will try to knock you out with a special attack. The metal walls can be knocked down by Heisenberg’s assaults, so be careful. On foot, you must use a sniper rifle to kill the nearest head-like object. After enough shots, Heisenberg will solidify.


So, we hope that now you can beat Resident Evil Village bosses all bosses in order without any hustle. Chris Redfield and his tiny tank have prepped us for the game’s greatest boss: a Mutated Heisenberg. Shoot the mutant Heisenberg’s bright red spots to stop him from attacking you. Block his saws if you can’t reach his vulnerable areas.

You may even cannon Heisenberg across the field. Stay away from Heisenberg. Heisenberg will try to knock you out after enough damage to your small tank. Beware of Heisenberg’s assaults on the metal barriers. On foot, shoot the nearest head-like item with a hunting rifle. Then Heisenberg will crystallize.

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