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The Witcher 3 Following The Thread Walkthrough | Guide

Witcher 3 Following the Thread Walkthrough

Witcher 3 Following the Thread¬†Walkthrough: ‘Follow The Thread’ has you helping Geralt’s old friend Lambert in The Witcher 3. For all his bravado throughout the game. This adventure showcases Lambert’s true abilities as a witcher and demonstrates why Lambert and Geralt are even close friends in the first place. As you move through the journey, it’s simple to make the wrong decisions. The reason for this is that we’ve put together a practical. Following Thread guide for The Witcher 3 that outlines all of the quest’s failure circumstances and explains how to complete it optimally.

The Witcher 3 Following The Thread Walkthrough | Guide

Witcher 3 Following The Thread might fail in two ways. By starting this quest, you may have failed a prior one or started a new mission and may have forgotten this one. Both justifications are valid, as is the simple treatment. A new quest may lock out progress on previously completed ones since The Witcher 3 Following

The Thread has three sections: the main story, large-scale side quests, and optional missions. After finishing another search, you will be unable to do another.

This is a result of the ongoing nature of the game. The Skellige Flesh for Sale quest had not been completed due to attempting this task.

Finish that one before agreeing to assist Lambert in Following the Thread. To summarize, you must complete Following the Thread before moving on to the main quest, Ugly Baby. There will be no way to complete Following the Thread if Ugly Baby is in your quest log unless you have a previous save to fall back on. Similarly, if you begin Following the Thread but leave it halfway through, you risk permanently locking yourself out.


The first step in the thread-following process is to read the news articles posted on the notice board at Novigrad’s Hierarch Square. Your goal is to visit the crime scene and catch up with the other witcher in Witcher 3 Following The Thread.

Who has already claimed one of these contracts? Your arrival will reveal Lambert to be the titular witcher. You’ll be required to return to the contract-giver for a reward after assisting him in dispatching an Ekkimara Because Lambert is Lambert. A brawl breaks out, and you have to be forced to slaughter several guards as a result. As soon as you accept his invitation, Lambert reveals his true motivations by taking you to the pub, where he seeks revenge on the assassin who killed his friend Aiden.

The Witcher 3 Following The Thread Walkthrough | Guide

A member of Vienne’s assassination crew has taken up residence at the Seven Cats Inn. There’ll be a choice to be made after Lambert interrogates her and reveals the locations of two people involved in Aiden’s murder. Choosing “do what you want” results in yet another disagreement; this becomes the norm after spending enough time with Lambert. There will be no conflict if you choose the “don’t murder her” option, which means you can move on to the next stage of your quest, which is to find Hammond in Faroe.

Arriving in Trondheim, one of Faroe’s two towns, a pirate gang will lead you to Hammond. You force to fight again after some talk. Follow Jad Karadin’s note on Hammond. Now that you know where Karadin is meet Lambert at The Nowhere Inn. Finally, you must make the quest’s one crucial decision. The affluent Novigrad businessman Karan admits to having been a witcher on 3 side quests before. He says Aiden attacked him and his gang, so he killed him. Lambert witcher dismisses Karadin’s sorrow. Following the thread most would expect Geralt to resent killing another lambert witcher retired or not.


Witcher 3 Following the Thread Walkthrough: You must decide whether to kill Karadin or not. Regardless of your choice, Lambert’s journey in the Old Pals questline and the primary narrative at Kaer Morhen remain intact. Moreover, much of the XP for completing the task comes from meeting Lambert Witcher at Hierarch Square outside Karadin’s residence. And sparing him gives only a tiny amount of extra experience. So, it comes down to whether or not you believe Lambert’s desire for vengeance is legitimate or whether you think an older man can change for the better.

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